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  Endometrial Curette w/syringe
Endometrial Curell with Syringe. Item #BA-RD-003

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  Preferred Sure Flex Curette
Preferred Sure Flex Curette 3.0mm Item #BA-M0015

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Pipelle Biopsy Curette Item #BA-8200

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  Aspiration Catheter
Aspiration Catheter. Item #BA-R57-980-985

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  Word Bartholin Catheter
Word Bartholin Catheter Item #BA-WA-400

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  Pessary Fitting Kit
Pessary Fitting Kit . Item #BA-FS-1000

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We carry all types & size of our Silicone - Latex Free pessaries.

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  Inflatable Donut Pessary
Inflatable Donut Pessary

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  Re-UsableCervical Dilators
Re-Usable Cervical Dilators. Item #BA-O/F/C

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  Laminaria / Dilateria

 Laminaria / Dilateria

Item #BA-LI-2mm to 6

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Vaginal Weights Set Item #BA-VGT-600

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  Vaginal Dilator Set
Vaginal Dilator Set Item #BA-VD-Set-Small

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  HSG Catheter
Box/10, 5 or 7 French  Latex-Free HSG Catheter Sets, available with or without a silicone balloon, are useful in evaluating the causes of abnormal bleeding, menstrual disorders, recurrent miscarriage, and unexpected infertility. FDA-GMP compliant ISO13485 Certified CE Mark . Item #BA-05F

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  Small Size Disposable Speculums


SANI-SPEC Speculum, Small, 1 x 4 (Case 100)


SANI-SPEC Speculum, Medium, 1-1/4  x 4-3/4 (Case 100)


SANI-SPEC Speculum, Large, 1-2/3 x 5-1/3 (Case 100)


SANI-SPEC Small, Individually Wrapped (Case 50)


SANI-SPEC, Medium, Individually Wrapped (Case 50)


SANI-Scope Anoscope, 9/10 Diameter at Center – (Case100)

               anoscope.jpg    Anoscope  CS-82420
Item #CS-82329

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Disposable Lighted Vaginal Speculum is

A Unique Light Source:·         A compact light source that will not obscure the view·         A super bright light emitting diode (LED) built into each speculum·         The LED will provide illumination for up to several hours·         Provides a white, natural and more vibrant light·         Provides an improved contrast definition that maintains the natural appearance of tissues·         The LED does not generate any significant heat; therefore does not get warm even after being on for several hours      Simple Design·  No need to assemble·  No need to worry about lost parts·  No need to worry about malfunctioning parts (dead batteries or dead bulbs)

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  Uterine Injector
The Uterine Injector is double lumen, slightly curve and designed for single use. It was develop to facilitate diagnostics procedures such as Laparoscopy,Minilaps,Salpingoplasiies and Fertility Examinations.

Sizes available 4.0 or 2.0 .
Catalog #'s : BA-UMI 4.0 or BA-UMI 2.0
Length : 26.2 cm ( 10.3 " )  or 28 cm ( 11 " )
OD Size : 4.0mm 0r 2.0mm

It is a sterile disposable product consisting of plastic tube,connector and other plastic components wich meets the UPS recomendation for class VI testing. Comes in Box os 12 Units.
Item #BA-UMI-4.0

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  Uterine Manipulator / Injector
The Uterine Manipulator is a simple, safe and effective device for the Diagnostic Laparoscopy , Minilaparotomy , Fertility Exams ans Salpingoplasty where manipulation of the uterus is required. It also helps the sealing of the cervical Os while providing a fluid or air to the cuff.

The 4.5K is an adjustable unit.

Box of 12 Units.
Item #BA-UMI 4.5

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