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 Cardiology Equipment Consumables  

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Cardiology Equipment Consumables
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  Disposable Adhesive Electrodes
Disposable Adhesive Electrodes Item #EDAN-

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  Alligator Clip
Alligator Clip Banana Socket Adapter. Item #EDAN-

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  Welch Suction Electrodes
Suction Electrodes. 15MM Bulb
Fits any size pin. Also fits snap.
Sold in Set of 6 Units
Item #DM-WE02031

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  Clip Snap Banana Socket
Banana Socket Snap Clip. Item #EDAN-

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  Snap Banana Socket Adapter
Snap Banana Socket Adapter Cable. Item #EDAN-

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  Z-Fold Recording Paper
Z-Fold Recording Paper Item #EDAN-

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